Culture, tourism and performing arts brand in China
Work for government, companies, resorts, theme parks and performance shows
Provide one-package solutions and turnkey projects
Share Songcheng brand and expertise
Managing investment, benefits enhancement
To jointly create local cultural landmark projects

Songcheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Songcheng Performance, provides brand licensing, show planning and direction, engineering construction, science and technology experience project production, marketing, tourism E-commerce, event planning, resort operation management for tourism complexes, resorts, theme parks and cultural performance projects. It is professional company in the cultural tourism and performing arts industry of China.

Songcheng Performance is a Global Top 10 Theme Park Group and number one in world performing arts industry. It dives deep in tourism and performance shows for decades and has accumulated various resources and experiences. It has invested and plans to invest to build its own projects in top tier destinations including Hangzhou,Shanghai,Xi'an, Sanya, Lijiang, Jiuzhai, , Guilin and Zhangjiajie, launching hundreds of performance shows including the Romantic Show of Songcheng, the Romantic Show of Sanya, the Romantic Show of Lijiang, the Romantic Show of Jiuzhai and Love Song of Lijiang with 15,000 annual performances and 50 million audiences. Therefore, it has grasped development rules and features of industries and gained abundant expertise and strengths. It has created a rare yet excellent brand in cultural tourism and performing arts. For many years, a lot companies and governments have approached Songcheng Performance to create together boutique projects to reflect local culture. There is huge market for Songcheng to utilize its brand and expertise.

Since 2016, Songcheng decides to cater to the market needs and start a new business model, which shifts from self-invested projects in top tier destinations to choosing suitable projects nationally and expanding to tier two and tier three destinations and cities. The new model allows Songcheng to share its brand and expertise with partners and to save investment, enhance efficiency and profit for partners with its cultural creativities and experiences. With Songcheng as a partner, park and tourism performance projects would normally save investment by over 30%.

Songcheng Tourism customizes one-package solution and turnkey projects for clients of governments, companies, resorts, theme parks and performance shows to create a local cultural landmark.


Through means of trademark or theme authorization, title sponsorship or franchise rights, you can share the brand advantages of Songcheng Tourism.

Songcheng Art Troupe Co., Ltd.

The company highly refines and summarizes local culture to make sure that each performance will maintain cultural high ground of the local region, while providing creativities of play writing, direction, performance, costume, make-ups, props and special effect etc., in addition to art troupe team-building.

Songcheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Songcheng Technology brings revolutionary high-tech applications and innovations – including the wonders of virtual reality – to its theme parks, live shows and other entertainment venues. By integrating massive, state-of-the-art stage machinery, stunning lighting and impressive sound, and connecting them with the smart devices of our guests, Songcheng delivers an amazing new form of entertainment that amplifies the real world and engages the senses. To bring these visions to life, Songcheng has partnered with U.S. virtual reality company SPACES, whose co-founders previously played key roles in creating VR experiences for DreamWorks Animation.Together, they have created Songcheng-SPACES, a new joint venture in which Songcheng Technology is the controlling shareholder.

Tourism Planning and Designing Center

Tourism Planning and Designing Center provides services including conception, feasibility schemes, planning and design plans, cultural theme positioning and design, construction, landscape and atmosphere design, and theatre design etc.

Resort Construction and Management Center

Resort Construction and Management Center is professional in construction management and substitute construction (turnkey project) of all constructions for major tourist resorts, including civil engineering, ancient architecture construction, strong power and weak electricity, landscaping etc.

Operations Management Center

Digging into "theme park + cultural performance" for 20 years, Songcheng Tourism is a national tourist talent cultivation model company. It helps elevate the quality of tourist resorts from all dimensions, including institutional norms, staff training, talent team, service quality and safe operations.

Marketing Center

Marketing Center is professional in the marketing of tourism and performing arts products. Offline, the company maintains offices in multiple cities and has signed contracts with 2500 travel agencies all over China, while online, the company possesses a unique tourism E-commerce platform, namely, Songcheng Dumuqiao, which forms strong support for online-offline services, providing visitors with personalized tourist leisure experience.

Branding and Planning Center

To realize explosive promotion, massive market exchange rates, new media, traditional media, comprehensive outdoor media, multi-channel and three-dimensional promotion; to promote company brand, plan themed events and special activities in parks with creativity, Branding and Planning Center has successfully fulfilled over a hundred plans, and reached total internet clicks exceeding 50 billion.

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