Songcheng Performance Development Co., Ltd is a part of the largest cultural theme park operators in China – the Songcheng Group. It is the first listed company in the performing arts sectors. Songcheng's success has been recognized and awarded as the "Top 30 Culture Enterprises", for eleven consecutive years. The company's business core is in live cultural performance productions, tourist destinations,themed entertainment hotels and online web entertainment, with now the company's assets exceeding RMB 70 billion! Songcheng Group is also responsible for establishing it's now recognized brands, such as "Songcheng" and celebrated "Romance Show".
To date,Songcheng has built dozens of romance parks and tourist resorts and staged hundreds Romantic Shows and other shows. Songcheng Performance's "Romance Show" series now has achieved the "one" in 5 different and significant categories in the world's performing arts industry: number of theaters、number of seats、annual performances、number annual audiences totals、annual profits.
With decades of experience, Songcheng Group is becoming known as a cultural landmark itself in China and has seen solid accumulation, growth and popularity in Chinese cultural tourism.

Addr:148 Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou, China
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