Qiaoling Huang is the funder of Songcheng Group. He is also the head of the Songcheng Art Troupe and the Chief Director, Producer and Art Director of the Romantic Show series. He has been awarded the Legendary Zhejiang Businessman twice, the Hangzhou Elitist, Top 10 outstanding contribution person for promoting urbanization in China, 2014 China Culture Industry Person of the Year.

Qiaoling Huang is the expert in the tourism performing arts industry in China.The Romantic Show of Songcheng that he directs has been performed over 20,000 times over the past decade. Over 60 million audiences have watched the show. The Songcheng Art Troupe led by Qiaoling Huang is the initiator and pioneer of cultural performing art in China. Over the past two decades, the Troupe has carried out more than 300 different types of performances and is worthy the name Chinese Broadway. It has formed a thorough performing art industry chain with its unique Songcheng Performance Mode.

Qiaoling's book series The Leisure World in Qiaoling Huang's Eyes is an exploration of the leisure world.He took charge of the planning and design of multiple Songcheng Resort in Hangzhou, Sanya, Lijiang, Jiuzhai, 1929 plateau and etc.

Qiaoling Huang is known as the first person to combine leisure theory with practice in China. The book series The Leisure World in Qiaoling Huang's Eyes written by him is an exploration of the leisure world. The first RBD project in China called Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Park is designed and planned by him; it has changed the spatial planning of the city of Hangzhou. He also has planned and undertaken the 2006 Hangzhou World Leisure EXPO which has made Hangzhou the Oriental Leisure Capital.

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