Xi'an Songcheng is jointly created by Xi'an Shiyuan Investment Co., Ltd, and Songcheng Performance. This iconic grand cultural tourism project is centered with the core of the Romantic Show of Xi’an.It also incorporates multiple shows such as The Earthquake, Bonfire Carnival, Flash Mob, Themed Parade, Changan prosperous time, Exquisite Beauty etc. Passing through the Chronicle Avenue, visitors will instantly time-travel to the magnificent Tang Dynasty by delicately planned attractions like Songcheng Tower, Chang’an Gate, Lakeview Pavilion, and Songcheng Square. Besides, the Jingxiu Lake and its Silver Beach will offer visitors a perfect leisure zone. For children, the about-to-open fully indoor parent-child paradise with dozens of games also awaits. Old or young, rainy or sunny, visitors will always find entertainment in Xi’an Songcheng, a highly integrated destination of performances, tourism, and vacation. Lifer is a journey, and what matters are the views along the road.

Spring 2021, Xi'an Songcheng will launch indoor parent-child park and have more than a dozen performances including Yan'an Defense War, Beware - DINOSAURS, Haunted Castle, The Azalea, Phantom, etc., covering different performance categories and contents which make it able to cater for all visitors. As a reminder, dear visitors, you'd better book accommodation for this journey, because you will never finish all the shows within one day! Just stay tuned!

Daisy on the Ohoopee