Thai Restaurant

Opening Times: 06:30-22:00

Introduction: It’s on the first floor of the hotel, and provides you with breakfast buffet and Southeast Asian food.You will have unique experience of enjoying delicious food in this exotic dining environment with light music.


The First World Chinese Restaurant

opening times: 11:00—14:00 17:00—21:00

Introduction: It is located at the western part of the hotel, and provides you with Chinese food from green ecological raw materials. The First World Hotel Chinese Restaurant owns 19 VIP private rooms in Southeast Asian tropical rainforest exotic style. Beside, the Lakeview Hall, which is closed to the Fishing Dock and with wonderful scenery, is suitable for a-la-carte for you to enjoy here with two or three friends, the Lakeview Hall, Xiang Lake Hall, and Nanguo Hall are suitable for variety of large scale banquets and dinner parties.


Tropical rainforest atrium banquet service

opening times: Please call for an appointment

Introduction: The largest tropical rainforest atrium in China. Under the glass dome, hundreds of rate tropical plants species make a magical garden, exuberant tropical arbors and bushes dotted with flowers in full blossom, rare and exotic birds, pavilions of the Burmese and Thai styles, swimming pools, etc. It is a romantic place cracking with imagination and creativity. Here is an excellent place for various weddings, fashion cocktail parties.


Tortoni coffee

opening times: 15:00—22:00

Introduction: It’s in the north of the tropical rainforest atrium and provides variety of brewed coffee, wonderful teas, red wines and desserts and snacks.


Lobby bar

opening times: 8:00—24:00

Introduction: It’s in the lobby of the hotel. It provides you with variety of teas, coffee, drinks and snacks.etc. The delicate dessert, wonderful coffee, and the beautiful tropical rainforest, all provide you with a relaxed placed for you.


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